Monday, June 2, 2014

OnScreen Science, Regina Berg, Librarian, Gwendolyn Brooks High School

Not long ago I worked with Ms. Kennedy, a biology teacher, with a simple project on DNA Replication and Transcription. She wanted the students to use interactive models to explain the processes in their own words. We looked at a number of apps before deciding to use OnScreen Science – Transcription and have the students find online Replication models.
Students took screen shots of the models at different stages, imported the images into PaperPort Notes (another app I used with an English class), which they then used to annotate the images. Though the app had good clear images, she would have liked it to be more interactive and include a model-building component. She really liked PaperPort Notes which made importing the screenshots really easy and the final work simple to share.

I saw how I can scaffold general purpose apps with subject specific ones to create unique lessons while building some basic skills for my students.

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