Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sawyer Elementary Explores Illinois History, Rosalie Buenrostro, Librarian, Sawyer Elementary School

Sawyer Elementary Library continues to use the REVITAL Grant iPads at all grade levels.  This time I have been collaborating with the fourth grade teachers.  We have been instructing the students on the history of Illinois.  

First, I had the students browse the databases and e-books in order to familiarize themselves with Illinois history on their own.  They discovered the state of Illinois has a lot more to it than just Chicago.  Next, the students researched the state bird, tree, flag, motto and capital.  They were so excited about their discoveries they asked if they could continue researching our state.  I, of course, was happy to oblige. They researched the Cahokian Indians and their mysterious earth mounds.  They were very interested in this new found information and were eager to share it with each other. 

The iPad app, “Story Creator” was our next adventure.  Students were divided into groups of four and each group created a story using the keypad, pictures, drawings, and the voice recorder.This project was the perfect ending to an exciting school year using our new REVITAL Grant iPads.
The students and I are looking forward to the next school year and our new adventures with technology and the Chromebooks

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