Thursday, May 29, 2014

ChatterPix, Bringing Still Pictures Alive! Volta School Caryn Mikkelsen, Librarian

It’s almost the end of the school year and I was looking for a fun project to do in the library that would only take 1-2 class periods.  We used the app ChatterPix to create simple autobiographies.  

The students worked in pairs and answered questions about themselves using a ten question form I created.  They then wrote a script using their responses. In ChatterPix, the recording time is only 30 seconds or less, so the students were told to keep their responses short and to the point.  

They were given the choice of taking their picture using the iPad or drawing a self portrait. Most all of the students chose to use the iPad camera for their picture!

When the scripts were ready the students uploaded their picture from the camera roll to ChatterPix and recorded their script.  This was an easy way to create fun and simple autobiographies in just two class periods!   

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