Thursday, June 12, 2014

Connecting the Library and Technology: Ideas from the Technology Coordinator, Jeanette Simenson, Technology Coordinator, Goethe Elementary School

As we close out the year and get ready for our planning for next year, I think to myself we have two months to plan, learn, and grow with each other through the vast world of the Internet. My library teacher and I would like to spend endless hours meeting and planning but unfortunately with toddlers and teenagers we are booked solid. But not from the hours of 1-3pm and after 8 at night. Why can’t we share a folder, an email, or a great link? We can create curriculum through virtual means. We can share ideas and ask questions and start our own professional learning community. Why not invite other teachers to join in? So before you leave and say farewell till next year, think about creating a way to build your virtual community for those that want to connect over the summer. I think Marcia and I will start small with a few teachers, a couple of emails, and a task list that we would like to complete. When we find out new information or gain insight we will share it over our Google docs. Many of your technology coordinators want to be a part of planning and have great ideas for apps and curriculum connections.

Marcia and our staff are excited to have the Chromebooks next year along with all the great iPad apps we have used. The students will have a rich, engaging experience, one that we can share digitally with parents and our greater community through our website. If you have a computer lab teacher you can build lessons together and have students continue their research or collaboration in both the Library and Computer Lab. We are the hubs of our school and we can show others how to connect technology to the content in ways that teachers don’t know are possible yet. Make sure to consider this when using technology: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge and some great resources through Common Sense Media.

If you have any technology questions or just need an idea please feel free to reach out to me as well. Have a great summer and hope to connect with you all online.

Jeanette Simenson

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