Monday, June 9, 2014

iMovie--Take One!, Janice Wellborn, Hernandez Middle School

Let me just say that Hollywood will not be waiting to get my next movie!  This was my first attempt at making an iMovie after watching a youtube on how to use this.  Overall it went pretty well, but my knowledge was probably not the thing that made it successful.

I decided to give my class the assignment of making an iMovie in groups of 2-4 kids since the classes I used this on were pretty small.  I had mixed results with this as I saw in many groups that one kid would opt out, or be forced out by the more capable or interested kids.  Probably in the future I will try to assign more concrete roles that can be accomplished at the same time so that no one child is ever left out.  

Each group of students selected a contemporary topic to make a PSA on.  I provided a list of possible topics and the kids chose one of them or came up with their own.  They did their research with each student providing at least two facts about the topic.  One or two students together then created scripts and determined how they would present the information.  Some groups had one person be a spokesman while other groups acted out scenes to display what their topics were about.

Looking around the library while the kids were working, it was a very engaging scene.  I did not provide very much direct instruction as far as how to work iMovie or even in terms of telling them what the final product should look like. On their own, many groups decided that they could and should incorporate pictures from the internet which really added to their movies.  Pictures of smoking, unhealthy lungs, drugs, etc. all added to the overall effect of a movie rather than a just a video of a person talking.

I will definitely be incorporating this technology into my future lesson plans as it allows for a lot of creativity, independence, and knowledge building.

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