Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stop Motion with Knuffle Bunny and Character Ed, Viviane Kraus, Librarian, Franklin Fine Arts Elementary School

The students  enjoyed creating character education Stop Motion videos.  Students loved being in control and “running the show.”  For example,  using cameras, ipads, creating, etc.   I would like to take a minute to discuss how the book blends real photos with drawings.  This book takes objects in children’s real word that they observe (school, streets, laundromat)  with things that they imagine (Knuffle Bunny).  This book’s combination of observation and imagination is something that students are naturally drawn to.

The unit worked well because it allowed kids to use technology, storytelling, drawing, writing and organization.   An additional surprise was that students were given an opportunity to practice character development by working in groups to get a task completed.

What I and the art teacher would have done differently…

We would take it to another level and add sound on the final product.
We would have student use Google Drive to organize their material.

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