Saturday, June 14, 2014

“Just Bring Them Back”” by KC Boyd, Librarian, Phillips High School

During this time of the year I have to scramble to to get my books back from my students.  Last year I stopped charging late fees to encourage my students to bring their books back and not keep them out of fear.   So far, the book return has been going very well this year.

This year I decided to kick up my end of the year book return with something fun.  My students love to create skits and act in front of the camera.  I challenged them to create a PSA about returning library books.  I gave them some basic information and encouraged them to be creative and to influence their peers to return the books in their own voice.   What I appreciate greatly is that my students really understand how challenging it is to get all of my books back at the end of the school year.

As a result of this new approach, I noticed that students began bringing the books back frequently.   ,  students used iPads and a MacBook Pro to shoot and edit the video.  They also included a funny voice over along with two things that I love:  Bob Marley music and cats.  Intrigued?  This video is short, sweet and to the point.  It truly emphasized that my students enjoy reading but are sometimes a little late in returning books.  

The outtakes in the video are hilarious. Emanuel, Briana, Jordan and Cameron did an excellent job with the production of this video.   The students were also really critical about shooting the video and making it just right.  I'm proud of them and they did a great job!  Take a look at this funny presentation.

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