Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reflection about QR Codes and Booktalks Unit, Viviane Krause, Franklin Fine Arts Center

I attempted to complete the QR Codes and Booktalks unit with 4th - 8th grade students, I have to say that I bit off more than I could chew.   In my mind I envisioned my library space where students walked around with the iPads and scanned the book’s QR code to watch the student generated book talk videos.  I was able to complete 5 books with QR codes.  The project was too big for me for my first time out with iPads, my learning curve was too large.  I also ran out of time.  I plan on picking and choosing additional booktalk videos to download this summer and create QR codes for those in the fall.  

Here is what I would change...

1.  Only do the unit with one or two classes, the videos take too long to download.
2.  The unit ended up lasting way too long because students were perfectionists with their videos, maybe give them a certain number of takes and that’s it.
3.  I would have had a different booktalk worksheet for fiction and non-fiction.
4.  I would choose the best videos to create the QR codes for, not all of the students.

Here is what worked well…
1.  The goal of having peers give booktalks to each other was met.
2.  The students loved creating their booktalk videos.

3.  The students learned about what QR codes where and how they work.

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