Monday, May 12, 2014

iPads Across the Curriculum, Rosalie Buenrostro, Librarian, Sawyer Elementary School

This blog is to tell you it is possible to use iPads with Library lesson plans.  Our school library is shared with the computer lab and during Map Testing I must travel to the classrooms.  Prior to receiving the REVITAL grant I would have a hard time continuing my lessons as there are not enough computers in the classrooms. Now I don’t have to take a five week break from technology as I take the iPads to class and continue the research, write stories and make movies in the classroom.

You do need time to download the applications and become familiar with them before you introduce them to the students but you will be pleasantly surprised at how much they know about using apps.  The more you see how valuable the iPads are in the classroom the easier it is to apply to all grade levels.  This is an asset for the Librarian as long as you are willing to use the technology.

My current lesson is in collaboration with the classroom teacher.  My 8th graders are researching the Westward Expansion while my 7th graders subject is Astronomy and my 6th graders have a choice between Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient Greece or Mesopotamia. All three grade levels are using the CPS databases and e-books in S.O.A.R., then they are assigned a specific genre such as realistic, historical, Sci-Fi or another genre to create their story.  Working in a group they will write the story using the Story Book application.  When they complete the Story Book they will narrate their story using the iMovie application.  

If it sounds scary, it is at first but as you become familiar with new applications you find you want to learn more and share more with your students.  I cannot believe I am writing this as I was very frustrated at first but now I am looking forward to the summer so I could try new apps.  That is the key, do not be afraid to make a mistake, ask questions, walk away, come back to try again and you will see that you could do it.  

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