Tuesday, May 6, 2014

iPad Storage @ Volta, Caryn Mikkelsen, Volta Elementary School

I would like to share how the iPads at Volta are being stored. My iPads are stored in a Carrier LocknCharge cart that I really love! The cart can store 40 devices, (iPads and Chromebooks) and it stores my MacBook. 

Everything in the cart is stored in baskets and the devices are charged right in the baskets. Each basket can hold 5 devices. The baskets are great for management of your devices. I have labeled all the baskets so students can easily pick up their iPad and return it to the proper basket at the end of the class.  It’s also wonderful not having students waiting at a cart for pick ups and returns, I put the baskets on the the tables and students aren’t crowding in one location. It also makes it easy to see if a device has not been returned.

Another great feature is the center strip that holds all the power cords. All the cords fed up from the bottom of the cart. No more tangled cords! I have also 


The cart also came with a remote for setting up a timer for charging.  You can turn power off and on through the remote and also set up how long you want devices charged so over charging does not occur.


When the top of the cart is open you can use the it as a work surface. We are not only loving our new iPads but having this cart makes managing the iPads so easy!


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