Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Getting Started with iPads, Amy Stipp, Librarian, Corkery Elementary

This has been quite the busy month!  Our students are still enjoying the opportunity to work with the iPad.  I have been busy trying to sync and configure them all. Students have been busy using them for research, e-mail, poetry creation, and movie making.

One thing I spent time doing is number each iPad and change the background to reflect that number.  I also created a quick checkout system students use when they use their iPads.  I put a pocket on the back that contains a checkout card.  Each checkout card has the corresponding iPad number written at the top.  As students check out their iPad to use for that class session, they will fill out the card and put it on a pocket that has been placed on the iPad holder.  This system seems to work well.

I also learned how to set a page as an icon on the home screen and how to manipulate the icons.  I went through each iPad and moved icons around and deleted some that automatically came with the iPad that required subscriptions that we don’t have (I hope that was okay to do).  I then changed the home icons to the cps e-mail, our Corkery Library website, and Safari.  Those are the three websites students will access most.  I wanted them to be readily available.  

Next, I downloaded and played around with several apps such as Notegraphy, Phonto, Word Mover, Animoto, Haiku Deck, and SkeletalLite.  I’m still working on getting iMovie, Pages, Keynote, and Number through Apple Configurator.  I am working with Apple for additional support and will have the mission accomplished soon.  

My second grade students really enjoyed using them as they did research on dinosaurs.  My 6th grade students enjoyed using them to give showcase the PowerPoint presentations they created to one another. My Battle of the Books students enjoyed using them to create book trailers.  Check this one out.

We’ve had yet another great month of learning and working with the iPads!

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