Monday, May 12, 2014

Making the Librarian - Technology Coordinator Connection, Jeanette Simenson, Technology Coordinator, Goethe Elementary

As a support role for the library, I am trying to offer not only technical support as my librarian and I navigate through the world of iPads but also to help facilitate a way to connect the lab and the library with projects. We have a vision of creating lessons that can be set up in the lab and then follow through can happen with the iPads and other technology in the library. This is the way we can then have a connection with the content and students more than just one time per week. For example in the lab I can have students do research or answer questions that can be saved to their Drive or on a piece of paper. They can then bring that to the library that week and continue to explore or create their original pieces of work on the technology we have in there. This allows not only extra support for students but Marcia and I can collaborate through lesson planning, connecting to content in the grade levels, and troubleshooting issues and celebrating successes. Without the support of our technology team, teachers, and the administration we would be tackling a huge endeavor and may flounder a bit. I hope all those that follow in our footsteps can make sure to have the technology coordinator, computer lab teacher, and administration on their side as they build a strong presence as a media center.  

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