Sunday, May 18, 2014

2014 Phillips High School PSA ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’, K.C. Boyd, Librarian, AUSL Wendell Phillips Academy High School

Every year I try to contribute to the school wide message of teens abstaining from drinking and driving during Senior Prom.   In years past, classroom teachers led the project with my support of use of technology.  This year’s project was a little different.

The students had the opportunity to participate in a lecture series provided by the Grand Boulevard Coalition of Bronzeville.  This year, a representative from the organization provided a ‘deep’ discussion with Phillips teens about the dangers of drinking, driving and use of illegal drugs.  The students were definitely impacted by this presentation because the presenter was very direct and to the point.  

Weeks later, one of the members requested that I provide him with some additional support.  Their town hall meeting for the community was quickly approaching and they needed some help getting the ‘word’ out in an innovative way.   In addition, they needed a public service announcement created and starring Phillips students.  

I recruited five seniors, one junior and two sophomores to create two videos, provide voiceovers and create/locate interesting graphics online.  These students took control of the project and talked about the dangers of alcohol and drug consumption especially on Prom Night.  Phillips teachers, security staff, administrators and our own Mercy Clinic supported this effort.  The first video below is the announcement featuring a sophomore and junior student, encouraging the community to attend the townhall and the second video is actually the public service announcement featuring the seniors.  Please keep in mind, the students are using language (lingo) that they understand and would send a strong message to their peers.

The students were rewarded with a pizza party for their good work!

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