Monday, May 5, 2014

How to get teachers excited about educational iPad applications? by Jean Scheda, Librarian, Westinghouse High School

I recently conducted two iPad PD sessions at my school.  These PD sessions helped familiarize teachers with iPads and some educational iPad applications. My focus was on how students could use these applications for class projects.

The first session is “Educreations.”  Before we started, I asked the teachers to think throughout the session in what way they could integrate this application into their class projects. After briefly introducing the Educreations, I demonstrated how to create a project with Educreations, at the same time, teachers were following along and soon they started experimenting the application on their own or in small groups. I walked around and answered questions. Teachers really love the simplicity of Educreations and think it is a great application for student-created tutorials.

The second session is ‘iMovie.” iMovie is a little bit more complicated than Educreations. I showed a brief PSA I created using iMovie featuring Earth Day, then went over the features, options and editing tools while teachers were creating their own iMovie.  Some teachers were so into it and could not stop until they finished their movie. After the iMovie PD, our Music teacher Ms. Andrews emailed the whole school via Google Group:

Ms. Scheda's PD today on iPad Integration in Class Projects was incredibly inspiring. We have 10 iPads that can yield limitless group project possibilities powered by apps like iMovie, Garage Band, Educreation and others.

During the 2nd PD session we were able to create this gem, utilizing a little Domain 4D: Growing and Developing Professionally- Collaboration and Professional Inquiry. (That may be a stretch.) Starring Ms. Gossler, Ms. Jackson, and myself, with cameos from Mrs. Scheda, and Mrs. Rath.

If we could create this during a PD, imagine what students could do with a little more time!

The photos included are the screenshots of the movie made by Ms. Andrews during the PD session. There were 24 teachers attending the iPad PD sessions.  I think this is a great way to spread the words and increase teacher/librarian collaborative opportunities with iPads.

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