Saturday, May 24, 2014

Graphing with Desmos & GeoGebra, Jean Scheda, Westinghouse High School

 The iPad PD sessions have generated great teacher/librarian collaboration opportunities.  I have several iPads projects lined up.  Numerous projects involve the application of iMovie along with a math project, graphing with Desmos and GeoGebra.

Ms. Jackson, a Pre-Calculus teacher, approached me and inquired about using some applications for her class. She informed me of an application called Desmos and I recommended the GeoGebra application.  Ms. Jackson explored both applications after I had downloaded them to the iPads.  We then discussed the schedules and how the lessons should be carried out.  

Desmos is an iPad application visualizing and demonstrating math ideas, graphs and concepts. GeoGebra also visualizes and demonstrates math concepts, but gives students more flexibility to graph dynamically with more functions. Both applications engage students with hands-on activities and enhance the students’ learning experience by helping them understand and analyse graphs.

When we teach iMovie, KeyNotes, Educreations and other iPad applications, we focus more on using the application itself; these applications could fit into any subject or topic.  Desmos and GeoGebra are subject specific applications; they are designed for math and could only be used for mathematical purposes. Students could understand better and learn faster if the teaching of these applications and the teaching of math happen simultaneously.  During the class, while the math teacher led the course, I co-taught by walking around assisting students in using these applications, such as graphing circles, lines and triangles.

Ms. Jackson was pleased to integrate iPad technology into her classroom instruction.

Day 1 and 2: Desmos - students work on Conic Sections
Day 3: Desmos - students work on Circle.
Day 4: Desmos - students work on Conics: the Ellipse
Day 5 and 6: GeoGebra - students work on Conics: the Ellipse

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