Monday, November 24, 2014

Use of Chromebooks with GAFE, Jeanette Simenson, Technology Coordinator, Goethe Elementary

I am the technology coordinator at Goethe Elementary and I am looking forward to working more with the Chromebooks. The area of expertise that I see is how seamless it is to use GAFE and Google Classroom, which is rolling out sometime this year. Using these tools helps keep my computer lab assignments organized and helps the students know what is expected of them. I have created folders for each student in grades 4th-8th and I have them turn in their work in the shared folder. This helps them learn valuable online organization skills and also helps me locate student work. Students in the lab have been hard at work learning Digital Citizenship, Money Values, and STEM/coding through a program called Everfi. They have taken what they have learned and turned it into a presentation with an attached Google form for other students to complete.
See attached example for Ignition.

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