Monday, November 24, 2014

Chromebooks @ Volta Library! Caryn Mikkelsen, Librarian, Volta Elementary School

The students at Volta have access to technology in the library with laptops, iPads and computers.  Now with the addition of the Chromebooks acquired through the REVITAL grant we have enough devices for 1:1 technology in the library!  Yeah!

I have been using the Chromebooks with all my classes in first grade through eighth.  All of the students browse as guests, then access their Google accounts or websites depending on what we are working on.  The Chromebooks are numbered for easy storage, yet I am not requiring the students to use the same chromebook each time.

Working in collaboration with a fourth grade teacher on a state project, students’ researched a state assigned by their classroom teacher, used Google Apps to create their documents while in the library and shared the document with both the classroom teacher and myself.  This really facilitates collaboration between not only the students but teachers as well.  On this project, students used not only web sources, but CPS Databases, ebooks and library materials for their research.

The Chromebooks have been a great addition to our library learning environment.  They are easy to log in and power up in seconds.  Chromebooks have a long battery life and don’t need to be charged every day.  Students are engaged and working collaboratively!

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