Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thank Goodness for Chromebooks during the Science Fair, Viviane Kraus, Franklin Fine Arts

The Franklin Fine Arts Center upper grades has been extremely busy with Science Fair…
I have worked with students on Science Fair for many years in the library.  I can’t tell you how much more time the students had to actually conduct research because they did not have to log into the computers and wait (sometimes it would take 1-2 minutes with our old laptops).  But, not with the Chromebooks.  The simple log-on as guest is so fabulous and then the internet and Google CPS is right at the student's fingertips.  

First, we created a Science Fair folder in their Google Drive where students were to keep all of their documents regarding Science Fair.  It was so simple for the students to start conducting research and work in Google Docs simultaneously on the Chromebooks.

Second, students were also able to share their Review of Literature and their Reference List with me prior to turning in their final copy to their teacher for a grade.  This helped the classroom teacher tremendously and the teachers were so impressed and appreciative.  

Another time the Chromebooks impressed me during Science Fair is when I modeled the EasyBib Add-On for the student and then all the students  had to do was log into their Google CPS mail and add the Add-On and there the EasyBib was right at their fingertips.  Again, within seconds, the student could be creating a Reference List citation.

Last, my favorite bonus about using the Chromebooks would be that I would give a quick tutorial on a Database and then student could be practicing and using that database in a matter of seconds.  This is truly amazing, this way the student wouldn’t forget the tutorial and could apply what they learned almost instantly.

This will truly make our students career and college ready.

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