Monday, November 24, 2014

New Outlook, Rosalie Buenrostro, Librarian, Taylor Elementary School

My name is Rosalie Buenrostro and I am the librarian at Taylor Elementary School.
I have a different perspective on the Chromebooks than I did on the iPads.  Both are wonderful tools for the library but I seem to have a hard time getting started with the Chromebooks.  Part of the reason is I am at a different school this year and the technology advancement is not the same as my last school.  

My student’s did not know what a Chromebook might be, so we discussed it and compared the Chromebook to an iPad.  We created rules for the use of the Chromebooks and each student created a contract and signed it before they were allowed to touch our Chromebooks.

My new students have used a Dell or an iPad but have never had access to a Chromebook.  I recommend you start off with something they can grasp easily so they can get comfortable with using the technology and build their confidence.
I chose to start by introducing them to SOAR through as they had no knowledge that CPS has so many wonderful tools at their fingertips.  I’ll save this discussion for another time.

The biggest problem I have at this time is I no longer have access to a charging cart.  I had to become innovative as most of us teachers do.  The picture displayed is what I came up with.  I will try to rectify this problem later but at this time it is more important to get Taylor School children using the technology, specifically the Chromebooks.

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