Monday, November 24, 2014

Saving to Google Drive, Lindsey Mangurten, Librarian, Lincoln Park High School

I am working with the Honors US History team to create documentaries with chromebooks and ipads for Chicago Metro History Fair. I have done this project for four years but have never used either of these tools to create the documentary. The students will be researching on the chromebooks and finding their images to create the documentary. Once they have compiled all of the photos they will be creating the documentary using the ipads and imovie.

So far I have been in the preparation stages. I am working on an instruction guide for how to save images using the chromebooks and ipads. I have found when using google images and the students right click the image it takes them to the website. I have been instructing the students to click VIEW IMAGE on the right hand side of the picture to open the picture file and not the web file. Once they have the image isolated they can save the image.

This is where things got interesting. My initial thought was so save the image to the chromebook desktop and upload the file into google drive. I was worried this was an unnecessary step and reached out to my fellow grant winners for better suggestions. Eric Currie suggested I add the app Google Drive Extension. This led to me researching and found the google app “Save to Google Drive”.

I was able to install it onto my account and it works great. Now a student can search the image, isolate the image, click ALT right click and save directly to google drive. The only downside I see here is the images will not be directly saved to the folder like they would have been if they were uploaded. I plan on having the kids move the images at the end of each day into the proper folder to help them stay organized. Step one of the project should go smoothly and Step two is taking the images from google drive and populating them into the ipad camera roll so imovie can access all of the pictures.


When the students were installing the save to google drive app there were a few complications. I few students did not click the add button and the accept button and the google drive app didn’t install properly. For those students I found the most helpful thing was to uninstall the app restart and reinstall. Once I figured out that step it went a lot smoother. I had about 2 students in each class who had to troubleshoot.

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