Sunday, November 23, 2014

Chromebook Management and Its Challenge, Jean Scheda, Librarian, Westinghouse High School

I was very excited when the long-expected Chromebooks finally arrived. They are petite, simple and easy to use. At the same time, a Technology Media Cart I received from DonorsChoose arrived too. Many thanks to the engineer staff, it took a day for them to get it assembled. I bought two dish drainers and two 9-outlets surge protectors and installed them in the cart. The cost saving Chromebook Mobile Lab is ready. The cart could safely store all the Chromebooks, charge all devices simultaneously and transport them around conveniently.

I have numbered each Chromebook and numbered each slot in the media cart.  Students could check out these devices during their lunch period for class work or personal use; they also use the devices during classes for class projects. Teachers and students appreciate chromebooks for its lightweight and enjoy using the devices for online projects.

After I was granted the right to the Chromebook Admin Console, I was eager to try the applications other than the Google Drive Apps so that my teachers could have an abundance of  choices for their class projects. “Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover,” I would like to borrow one of Ally Carter’s titles to describe what I feel about Chromebooks. To manage a group of Chromebooks was not an easy process. Following online instructions could be a challenge at the beginning due to the numerous options. After several trials and errors, with the support and encouragement from Ms. Colleen, all the preinstalled Apps finally appeared in students’ accounts.  
Another issue I want to mention is that I have experienced battery charging problems with three Chromebooks; I am pleased all the issues were resolved in a timely manner. Hopefully, there will be no more battery issues in the near future.


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