Monday, November 24, 2014

Corkery Chromebooks: Home at Last, Amy Chiu, Librarian, Corkery Elementary School

I received my Chromebooks on October 2, 2014.  Right away I labeled them with numbers as was recommended by many veteran librarian Chromebook users.  My next task was to find them a home.  My library is very limited in space and funds so a Chromebook charging station wasn’t an option.  I put on my creative thinking cap.  As I looked around the room, I considered my closet but came to the question of how would I charge them?  I kept looking and considered our little nook by the electoral outlet, but came the question of how would I lock them?

My eyes continued to roam the room looking for possible homes for my new babies and landed on my desk.  My desk?  Could that work?  It locks...  It’s by an electrical outlet….  Those bottom drawers are pretty large…  But will the Chromebooks fit?  There was only one way to find out.  I took one of those little guys in my hands and placed it horizontally in the drawer and it fit in like a glove.  The sky broke open and the angels sang for my Chromebooks had found their home.

I proceeded to place all 19 Chromebooks in my bottom desk drawer but was presented with a new concern.  My desk is made of metal.  Metal is not the kind of soft material that I want my precious Chromebooks hitting against every time they are put away.  I put on my thinking cap again.
Looking around the room I saw the mound of Chromebook boxes and Chromebook packing material that was ready for the trash.  My mind gears started to move.  Maybe I can line my desk with this foam? I proceeded to measure the foam to my desk drawer and then lined my desk with the Styrofoam to pad the Chromebooks from the drawer’s metal.  Now they fit in a snuggly padded drawer that locks and are charged six at a time on a rotation system.

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