Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Using Google Slides, Amy Chiu, Corkery Elementary School

We are so pleased to have our third quarter under our belts and are ready to venture on into our last quarter.  This quarter we have endeavored many projects using our chromebooks and iPads.  Our 8th graders started a research project on a President in February (President’s month).  Through this project, we enjoyed implementing apps, trying new extensions and utilizing bookmarks with our chromebooks.   

For the first slide of the Google app “Slide” presentation, students created a collage from ABCya word cloud with the president’s name along with 7-10 adjectives that describe their chosen president.  I played around with having them use the Word Cloud extension  but found the results too random.  I wanted the students to be thoughtful and precise with the words in their collage.  I ended up having the students going straight to the ABCya site and customizing a page that contained their chosen president’s name along with 7-10 adjectives to describe him, then taking a screenshot of the collage and dragging it to their presentation.  

Easybib App was a resource all students had access to use as an app.  It was helpful to several of them as they did the web resource portion of their research.  We used easybib before we had the chromebooks so they were already familiar with it.  I think they liked the convenience of having it as an app.  

Students also enjoyed having our website on their bookmark.  All they had to do was click on the bookmarks on the bookmark bar and then choose Corkery Library on the dropdown menu.  That made it easier for them to access our Corkery Library Website that links them to our Databases and our Library Catalog, which they also used for their research.  

We are glad to have that project done and all we have learned through it and ready to venture on into new this for this Spring!!!!

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