Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Goals for the Library, Stacie Bell, Librarian, Pirie Elementary School

Thanks to the ReVITAL grant, I have not only received technology to invigorate my students’ learning, but have had the benefit of working with an amazing group of librarians. They have inspired me to push my limits and innovate my curriculum. The connections I have made with them will have a more lasting effect on my teaching because even when the iPads and Chromebooks become outdated, my fellow librarians will continue to grow, learn, and create. Despite everything I’ve already achieved in the past two years, I am already looking ahead at what comes next and how I want to continue to improve.

This year I have dabbled in Google Classroom. Next year, I’d like to expand its integration into the curriculum. As part of the pilot this year, I experimented with creating classes and having students complete assignments. I have had some success, but at times felt overwhelmed. Learning from these trials will help me next year start strong with a new group of students.

My second goal is to create a maker space in the library. With the cool new Chromebooks, I have not been using the iPads very much this year. However, I see vast potential in using them as part of a Maker Space. Stop animation seems cool, but I think using a green screen might be more my speed. I have lots of ideas of how to integrate a maker space into the curriculum, I’ll just need to play around with the technology so I am prepared to teach it to a class.

Now that I have a better handle on the Chromebooks, I would like to do a training with my staff. Based on the work of this grant, my principal has purchased two classroom carts of Chromebooks. So far, they have only been used to access the same programs that are otherwise accessed in our computer lab. Using the Google Apps, though, offers many more avenues for collaboration and creation. What I have started in the library can have an even larger effect if it is continued to be practiced in the classroom.

Even though this grant is coming to an end, it is not the end of my learning. I will continue to innovate and explore new ideas and techniques. I’m excited to see what I will be able to accomplish next.

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