Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fables, Google Apps and Time, Rosalie Buenrostro, Librarian, Taylor Elementary

photo (1).JPGMy students had a silent class of interpreting a fable and creating a slideshow using Google apps.  They could only communicate by sharing within their group using the comments section of Google.  They had to interpret a fable, download an image to communicate the meaning of the fable, and create a slideshow to present to the class.  They found they enjoyed the CCSS learning process while using technology.  I heard many times “how cool library is” or “library is now my favorite class.”  I found how much easier it is to teach with an intrigued group of students.  

I can’t believe it has been two years since I applied for the REVITAL grant.  I wanted to be a recipient so badly but at the same time I was afraid I was going to be chosen.  I was afraid because I was not familiar with the iPads or the Chromebooks and knew I had to commit to two years of learning, sharing and applying new knowledge and apps.  I can not say I am extremely proficient in either today, but I can confidently say I am not afraid to try new apps or further explore what CPS has available for us.

I do not learn alone.  I have had help from Colleen and Lisa whenever I needed it.  They have made this grant commitment a step by step process that consists of involvement, communication, application and exploration.  Posting with the other recipients has been a saving grace many times.  You have a question, you post it and your comrades answer it or direct you to an answer.  Collaboration is awesome.  Students are also more knowledgeable than we may think.  Many times my student’s and I have had learning experiences with the computers.  They have helped me through many issues and have become group leaders and helpers in the process.

If you have an opportunity for a grant like the REVITAL do not be afraid.  Take the chance and be rewarded with great technology, wonderful advisors and support from new friends that are in the profession of teaching just as you are.  

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