Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Satirical Look at Chromebooks, Nicole Guevara, Librarian, George Washington HS

George Washington HS English teacher, Mr. Rising, wanted to try something different. Students were to start their new unit on satire when they got back from spring break. He wanted to keep things fresh and students invigorated for the few weeks still left in the school year.  We decided to bring them into the library for a brief introduction to the new topic.

I created a lesson on the pathfinder page of the GW Library Website. Students are familiar with the site because every time I work with a class, they can find the materials in the same place. The lesson combined technology skills and library resources which is always a win. Students used Chromebooks, Google Drawing, and magazines.

First, students had table discussions about the three political cartoons show on the pathfinder. They used the three questions I posted to guide conversation. The “voter turnout” cartoon was hotly debated. Students found subtle differences in the message which led to various interpretations. Next, students sifted through magazines I provided to individually analyze a cartoon using the “Analyzing Document” that I created through Google Forms. If time allowed at the end of the period, I asked tables to create and share a Google Drawing where they uploaded photos of their cartoons.

During the lesson, I focused on the tech skills while Mr. Rising facilitated discussion. We both circulated assisting with analysis. Students liked the change in scenery trying something different. I also think they are interested in learning more about the topic of satire. I liked that I was able to incorporate multiple skills in one short lesson.

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