Monday, February 2, 2015

The Amazing Chromebook! Erin McDonald, Nightingale Elementary School

The Chromebooks have been amazing!  I never thought that I’d like them over the iPads, especially for the primary grades, but they have proven to be perfect for their little hands and by using them, the students have learned so much more about the Internet than I anticipated.  

To be honest, I just had to jump right in.  I would say the first half of many of my lessons looked like complete chaos.  But after one or two sessions with the Chromebooks, they students really improved.  I had to do a lot of traveling from one student to the next and I heavily relied on students helping each other.  So the first and second graders began with “Browsing as Guest” and my third and fourth graders logged in under a shared library gmail account.  

Next step was opening Chrome and learning to type in a web address.  I normally have a link to my library website and provide the students with images and links to click from there.  Using the chromebooks naturally led to lessons on browsers, search bar, correct URL’s.  It was great and the students were completely engaged.  They considered the Chromebooks to be baby laptops and that added to their careful of handling the devices.

My students were quickly using the Chromebooks to access the internet.  From there, we moved to having more than one site open at a time.  They learned to use the tabs at the top to move from one site to another.  They began bookmarking and learning to navigate using the tracking pad.

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