Thursday, February 5, 2015 and Google Drive with the Chromebooks, Lindsey Mangurten, Lincoln Park High School

My last blog post was about using the google extension save to google drive with the chromebooks. I was interested in learning about other popular extensions for students with the chromebooks. The first one that sounded intriguing to me was the use of easybib. I generally encourage the students to conduct their research using databases which provide the citation within the article so they wouldn’t need easybib. However, many students still chose the google route and need to use easybib to create their citation. Once I explored easybib it got me thinking about

Last year when we became a Wall-to-Wall IB school our school purchased a account for all students. is a program that provides an account for each student and allows the teacher to create an assignment. The students have an open window for uploading the assignment onto the website and then the website screens for plagiarism. Since this is how all papers are turned in I wanted to explore if there was a way to use and google docs and there WAS.

At first I was worried the students would have to work in google docs and save to microsoft word in order to upload to It was just one extra step but always best for things to be fluid when turning in an assignment. Once the students logged onto their acocunt they were prompted with several options on where to find their final paper for submission.
  1. From this computer
  2. Choose from Dropbox
  3. Choose from google drive
Once the students selected choose from google drive one of two things happened
If they were already logged onto the computer it would automatically open up their Google Drive account and allow them to find the document or folder to upload. If the students were logged in as guest they would have to log in to google drive first and then locate the document to upload. Once they selected upload it was as if it was a normal Microsoft word document.

This option on and google docs saves so much printing and useless copies of rough drafts. The teacher now has the paper electronically in two places. The submission through and shared from google drive. The hope is eventually to cut down on printing especially since our chromebooks currently are not set up to printing. Before this option was created students would have to work on the chromebooks and when they were finished needed to print/upload from the desktop. This has been a great feature added onto that works perfect with the chromebooks for our entire student population. We did not run into any trouble having the students upload the assignment (as long as the assignment was there, which could be teacher error)

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