Friday, January 30, 2015

The difficult lesson…Vivian Kraus, Franklin Fine Arts Academy

The difficult lesson…

I have been writing grants for laptops in the library for years and this one I actually got, I was so happy and am still super pumped to have access to the Chromebooks and iPads in the library.   I have been extremely careful about not allowing teachers and students to take the Chromebooks out of the library and have explained to students how important it is to take care of these technology tools.
Sadly, I made the big mistake of allowing my student teacher to use the Chromebooks for her lesson while I was out sick, seems logical right?  Wrong...  I underestimated the students and upon return the next day, one of the laptops was completely dead and another had cracked power connection.  I am so disappointed in my students, they really dropped the ball on this one.
This is what the screen showed.  Following the above suggestion, my tech coordinator created a recovery from the Chromebook store called the Chromebook Recovery Utility.  The Chromebook Recovery Utility includes detailed steps, you’ll have to download the app and use a 4GB flash drive.  I was excited to have this work, but to no avail.  

Now, I have contacted IT and I am waiting to see what happens with the warranty.  I will let you all know how it turns out.  As for the cracked power connection, IT will not fix this.  This is a physical problem so the warranty does not include this tragic issue.  I have used scotch tape to prevent the crack from expanding, the connection seems to be charging.  I will keep my fingers crossed for both Chromebooks to be functioning again in the future.  

Lessons that I learned.
  1. Chromebooks are only to be used when I am in the library.
  2. Chromebooks will only be plugged in and out of the charging cart by me.
  3. Using a  Chromebook is a privilege and the rights can be taken away with the first sign of misuse.  I created a oral pledge that students will recite before each use.

“I promise to handle with care, use safe bodies and be respectful and present when I am using this Chromebook.”  

I decided to include some of my students to get ideas about how to build more responsibility and accountability. I think it is fascinating what they came up with.  
Ideas from 5th graders to help students understand the care of Chromebooks:
  1. Fine students for misuse.
  2. Automatic strike and call home for misuse
  3. Creating a rhyme, jingle to help students remember to take care when handling the Chromebooks.

Ideas from 7th graders to help students understand the care of Chromebooks:

  1. Call parents and inform them of the misuse.
  2. Create a reminder poster or rap.
  3. Publically humiliate students who misuse Chromebooks. :)
  4. Fail Library Class
  5. No recess for misuse, may have to work in library

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