Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fun with Chromebooks, Amy Chiu, Corkery Elementary

This has been a fun season in the Corkery Library.  Here is an overview of how we have been implementing our iPads and Chromebooks during our library periods.

With the First and Second grade students, we have been doing stations.  
  1. In the listening center, students will listen to an audiobook or a episode from Brainpop jr on Chromebooks that correlates to what they are learning about in their classrooms or  the events on the calendar.
  2. In the reading center, students can sit on the carpet or little stools and read pre-selected books I have put aside for them to read.
  3. In the check out book center, students will check out their book or write about something they had read that week.
  4. In the iPad center, students will work with an app that I assign them to do. Either Write About or DoodleBuddies.
  5. Finally, they do puzzle center where they complete educational floor puzzles connected to what they are learning about in the classrooms such as the continent and state maps, the presidents, and the solar system.

I set up stations for the 3rd and 4th graders too.  We don’t do stations every week, but when we do, this is the format we generally follow.
  1. Checking out books/Reading center is when students use the time to quietly read on the rug or check out a book.
  2. Writing Center is where students write a paragraph about what they have learned and when they are done they can work on an educational puzzle.
  3. In the iPad center, students will work with  an app that I assign them to do.
  4. Then on the Chromebook station, they have been working with the Corkery library OPAC.  They have been working on finding books on specific subjects and doing research from e-books.

With my older students, we have enjoyed using the Chromebooks to do research and projects on the Presidents (8th Grade) and an African American Sports figure (7th Grade).  The students are getting accustomed to using GAFE and are enjoying the ease and flexibility of the Chromebooks.  

I’m including a “write about” done by one of my second grade students during her iPad center after Christmas break.  May it endear your heart to dream and believe in yourself as it did mine.

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