Wednesday, February 11, 2015

From Form to Drawing, Creating Infographics in Drive, Caryn Mikkelsen, Volta Elementary School

I wanted the seventh graders to learn how to create infographics without having them set up accounts on a public site.  The solution was easy using Google Drive!  

I decided for their first attempt at creating an infographic, I would have the students research a topic they were interested in and had some knowledge about.  Also, I would keep the data limited to just five pieces.  I showed the students a short  infographic video from Kathy Schrock to give the students an overview of what an infographic is.  We also looked at sample infographics.

Students then chose topics and created survey questions along with their response choices in a document.  Next, using their questions, they created a survey in Form and sent the survey to all the students in their class.  I provided the email addresses for the class. Time was given during class for students to answer all the surveys.  Once the data was collected, they went to their spreadsheet, clicked on Form and looked at the summary of responses. They used that data to create their infographics in Drawing.  They customized the size of the drawing in page setup to better fit all the data.  Students added graphics, animations and shapes.  

Not only was this an easy way to introduce them to creating infographics, but they were engaged and really enjoyed the project!

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