Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Students Enjoying Chromebooks, Rosalie Buenrostro, Taylor Elementary School

Having success using the Chromebooks in different areas of student learning is not challenging at all.  Student’s are eager to participate in Chromebook projects.  I appreciate this as I have found student’s are more than willing to share their knowledge.  
This is a benefit for me as my knowledge is not very advanced.  I find it is a learning process shared with my student’s help.

I use the Chromebooks with my MTSS student’s as we venture through The Learning Odyssey program.  This is great as I can have several student’s reading, learning and listening at their personal pace.  I like this program because not only is it individualized, it helps them with basic computer skills such as dragging, keyboarding and using sound/headphones.  

At the present time I am working on African American poetry with my 6th through 8th grades.  I like the integration of the Chromebooks and books.  This project is worked on in a group setting.  They study a poem, research the writer in the CPS database and have a discussion about the poem and the poet.  Next they work together to reinterpret the poem in a way their peers can relate and understand the poem.  They create a slideshow using imagery and words.  in the end they will present their work to their classmates.  

This may not be super high tech to some of you reading this but for my student’s who have no access to a computer except in our library, this is a milestone.  I am proud of their progress and I must admit the Chromebooks have created a bond between my student’s and myself.  We are learning together.  They have ideas they are now sharing with me and I will take some of them and create lessons that they will learn from because they participated in how they will learn.

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