Saturday, March 1, 2014

Unpacking Our iPads and Charging Them at Smyser Elementary School by Emily Porter, Librarian

We couldn’t wait to unpack our delivery. The box arrived at 10:00 am, but we waited until our Media class at 2:45pm to take them out. We will implement our first lesson with students in 7th & 8th grade so I thought it was important to allow them ownership over the unpacking 

and storing process.

I chose two students who had experience using iPads at home to help me set up the cart. I was worried about getting the chargers in the port correctly. Juan, who has been using iPads for years, gave me a tip. He said match the side with the icon on the plug with the home button on the iPads. The charger will slip right in, no problem.

We plugged everything into the cart and positioned the iPads in the cart to charge. There are 15 slots in my cart, so I placed my MBP inside the cart to charge. I will be purchasing an adapter from the Apple Store so I can make the LCD function with the MBP. Until then, the MBP is locked in the cart with the iPads - safe and sound.  

It took about an hour, but we got the iPads and MBP organized, into the cart, and charging before we left school.  I learned quite a few tips and tricks from the kids. Our first project on the iPads will be to create stop action cartoons using the camera function and iMovie. With the Lego Movie craze, I will be allowing my students to bring props from home to create characters for the short films. We will use a website called to organize and visualize our writing.  

Klaudia documented it all for us. It was an exciting day! Fun was had by all!

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