Monday, March 17, 2014

Third & Fourth Graders Create Books Using Book Creator, by Caryn Mikkelsen, Volta Elementary School Librarian

My students were very excited to get the iPads into their hands!  Still, I wanted to make sure all the students understood how to properly use the iPads. I spent one class period going over iPad usage rules and modeling how to use the Book Creator App.  With the iPad connected to the LCD projector we created a “practice” page so students would be familiar with the functions of the Book Creator app.  As part of the modeling I took a picture of the students and inserted into our practice page, the students loved that!

The fourth graders are learning about Chicago and simple machines in their classrooms. They were instructed to create an informational book on one of these topics using the resources in the library. Students were put into pairs and assigned an iPad.  A quick review and they were ready to go!  

Student pairs were immediately engaged and working collaboratively.

When the books are completed I will be saving them to iBooks and emailing them to myself to put on my library web page.  The books can also be printed out if you send them to your email and print from your laptop.  


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