Monday, March 3, 2014

Phillips High School REVITAL Program by KC Boyd, Librarian

Singer Pharrell's song, 'Happy' is the perfect song that expresses my feelings about a recent award I have received.  My students and I are HAPPY about receiving the CPS ReVital Grant for libraries!   Last week, a MacBook Pro and ten iPads were delivered to my Library Media Center and in a couple of weeks, the ChromeBooks will arrive. There are so many ways this technology can be used at Phillips.
In the first video, you will see how the iPads were used during the very first week of rotation.  My students and I videotaped teacher’s classroom lessons, student activities and programs.  Believe me it was a very busy week and lots of fun!
In the second video, some of the members of the ‘Behind the Paws’ student news crew helped videotape and create a ‘just a peek’ video.  The students helped highlight a cool collaborative lesson between myself and another teacher.   The Garage Band app is such a cool app to use in music class.
The last video was just for fun.  It is just a little snippet of some of the ways we plan on using these digital devices during the upcoming year.   Our goal is to aide in instruction and help further advance students in the digital age.   Here’s a short music video my students and I created expressing our euphoric feelings about receiving this grant.
ReVital Grant - ‘Happy’ -

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