Friday, March 21, 2014

Pickard Elementary Library Gets iPads by Juan Fernandez-Saines, Librarian

Getting these ten iPads has been a blessing.  To prepare the students, one week before the iPads were delivered, they saw a video tutorial on how to use the iPads and what would be the rules for their use.  At the start of each day, from each classroom I select a group of ten students out of the thirty or so to work on academic lessons in conjunction with their classroom work.  Two online services we currently have are Compass Learning and  MyON.SAM_1670.JPG
MyOn started working from the get-go.  The students love to log in and read their choice of digital books available to them.  I provide the students with headsets that are stored in sandwich bags so the students can listen to the audio without disturbing the other students.SAM_1667.JPG
We did run into glitches, so to speak, when we tried to use Flash driven websites.  We were stuck for awhile to figure out a way until one of our teachers recommended we use the Puffin app.  After downloading Puffin, our kindergarten students can now use Starfall and our older students can study using Compass Learning Odyssey.

SAM_1671.JPGAs a display stand I use the same corrugated supports the iPads were delivered in.  It is a temporary solution but students can see the ipads which are numbered with labels and can put them right back at the end of their session.  Students have been much more enthusiastic about their time in the library and have high anticipation to use them when it is their turn as I rotate groups for their use.

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