Saturday, March 8, 2014

Reading Aesop Fables at Goethe Elementary School by Marcia Mariscal

Our students have been very excited about using the IPADS to reinforce their learning in our school.  I decided to start one grade level at a time to teach them how to interact with the IPADS.  The majority of my students do not have IPADS at home.  It was important for me to go over the features of the IPAD and how to handle one when we are working in pairs.  We came up with four rules for handling an IPAD.
  • IPADS are shared, therefore we take turns
  • IPADS are used on the table or working area
  • IPADS are cleaned after each usage with a cloth
  • IPADS are returned when we are done

In my eagerness to have the students start using them for learning, I decided to roll them out with the third graders.  Our third graders have been learning about fables. After reviewing the literary elements found in fables, I had my students go to the Library of Congress website  The Library of Congress provides students with approximately 145 fables to choose from.  My students were able to click on interactive Aesop Fables, where they took turns choosing a fable to read.  What’s great about the website is the layout of the fables.  The font is in large print and readable.  Most of the illustrations are interactive.  The moral of the story is written in a different font.  Some of the fables, such as, The Fox and The Grapes, have a 45 second video.  The students were on task, reading, sharing, and interacting with the IPADS.

My plan is to extend this learning with the fourth and fifth graders.  As soon as I am able to download apps, I would like to focus my attention on lessons working around IMovie.  Any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

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