Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Revital Grant Experience by Jean Scheda, Librarian, Westinghouse High School

When I received the email about my Revital Grant winning, I was so excited. I have always wanted to equip my library with iPads and other mobile devices so that students have more options in choosing their learning technologies and applications. A dream comes true!

After I received the VPP account and teachers’ redemption accounts, it took a while for me to learn and understand how it works. This is where I have experienced the most frustrations due to a password verification issue. It will be helpful if a webinar was provided at the beginning going over the VPP program and Redemption accounts.  It may help avoid errors.

When the MacBook,10 iPads and the covers arrived, I could not wait to get them ready for students. After a few days’ work, all iPads are numbered, labeled, cataloged and set up.  This process was smooth and easy.  With the support of the school administrator, I have purchased a 10 iPads Sync/charging/storage station. It is perfect and I love it. I understand this is just a beginning and I have a lot to learn from this experience.  

I have already had conversations with my teachers about using certain iPad applications for class projects. While I am still waiting for my teachers’ redemption accounts to be reset, I am looking forward to working with my teachers and students using iPads.

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