Thursday, January 22, 2015

Video Editing and Production with Chromebooks, Jean Scheda, Westinghouse College Prep High School

This is a first semester final project for Studio Drawing and Painting classes. Students work in the library for three days, learning how to edit videos with Chromebooks. The online editing tool we use is WeVideo.  Students produce a video to showcase all the artworks completed during 1st semester and demonstrate their understanding of the concepts, skills, techniques, artists and process learned during that project.

I have been collaborating with Ms. Coffee, a Fine Arts teacher, for three years and this is my third year working with her. For the past two years, students created eBooks to showcase their artworks. This year I recommended WeVideo.  I have shared with Ms. Coffee a short sample video created by me and showed Ms. Coffee the basics of editing with WeVideo. We have exchanged numerous emails to plan the details and discussed twice in person about how to carry out this project. I have designed a rubric for the video and Ms. Coffee made some modifications. I have also created a Wiki page for this project, which includes Ms. Coffee’s handouts, the rubric, and some useful resources for WeVideo. Students could visit the Wiki page anytime when they need help with WeVideo.

Before coming to the library, students must have taken pictures of their artworks. In this lesson, students have learned to use different techniques in editing videos. Students will be presenting this video to the class during the final exam.

This is a great learning experience for students. From time to time, students are required to create videos for a variety of projects in different classes; students could apply these video editing skills to any projects to display their learnings in the classroom.

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