Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Final Report, KC Boyd, Librarian, Phillips Academy

The opportunity to use iPads and Chromebooks with my students has been a wonderful experience.  Two clubs have been formed at my school as a result of this grant,  The “Behind the Paws Student News Crew”  -
and “The Phillips Anime/Manga Club - 
The students in these clubs have influenced students and teachers alike to become more comfortable using technology.

My students recently supported the school’s very successful ‘College Decision Day’ celebrations.  They created promotional materials such as promo videos that were played on the monitors throughout the building.  Some of the promo materials included a digital animation/music video,, and a student generated hashtag, #PhillipsDecisionDay that was used on Twitter.  This involvement gave them a sense of pride and also recognition among their peers for doing something positive.

Were there bumps along the road?  You betcha!  Sometimes I just wanted to push the iPad and Chromebook cart back into my office and scream.   Ironically, the students mirrored my feelings as well.  When they used Animation HD Creator for the iPad for the first couple of times, they grew increasingly frustrated that they could not get the program to display the desired outcome result.  I also can recall how the students got frustrated when they couldn’t import the desired animation into Google Slides.

Despite this outward expression of frustration the students and I experienced, all of us had to recognize that when you begin a new journey in trying something new, there will be successes and many failures.  It is through the failures you benefit the most from.  I’m very proud of my students for many reasons.  They didn’t give up and they hung in there.  I take my hat off to them because through all of my grandioso ideas, my leave of absence, and do overs, they survived the journey and will apply what they have learned during their post-secondary experience.

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