Monday, May 11, 2015

Our Spoken Word Poetry Showcase With Ipads – Chromebooks, Regina Berg, Librarian, Brooks College Prep

It’s the end of the year and my students are getting ready for their showcase. The poems are written and shared on Google drive. The poems are done and they are now working on performances. The iPads have been excellent tools for self-assessment.  The students video taped themselves as they worked toward their final presentations. One of the requirements for the group pieces was that they be memorized. The students were not happy with that. I wanted them to be able to see themselves as the audience will. After viewing the videos, they agreed with me. They were also able to listen for problems with articulation and movement. I have included a few of their videos here.

 The school had Chromebooks last year, but they weren’t solely for the library. My Chromebooks have been integrated into my curriculum this year, even more than last because they weren’t being pulled for things outside of the library. Many of the things I learned with my students were easily transferred into projects with other teachers and I anticipate greater things next year.

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