Monday, March 30, 2015

Sometimes It’s the Little Things By Connie Amon, Galileo Scholastic Academy

On Monday I crossed an item off my never-ending, always changing, list of things to do: how to get chatterpix to glog. (It looks like this now: how to get chatterpix to glog; and I’m so happy!) A few months ago, when I suggested to a fifth grade teacher that we add a ChatterPix video to the glogs the students were creating on an explorer they were studying, I had no idea if it would really work or not. Sometimes things don’t work. Preparing the ChatterPix video on the iPad worked fine, for the most part. The question, then, was how to get that video off the iPad and into Glogster (which, by the way, still does not function as well as I would like). The biggest obstacle? simply finding the time to figure it out. I knew I could do it on a computer, but how exactly would it work on a Chromebook?

About a month ago I attended a PD session at the ICE conference called “Chrome-ology: Getting the Most Out of Your Chromebook”, presented by Gregory Regalado and Neil Charlet of Maine West High School. Spending a few hours with my Chromebook was exactly what I needed. Did I embrace and “learn” every detail that was presented? Of course not, but every time I login on a Chromebook now, I see the 1-Click Timer and beautiful spring theme that I added during that session (not critical to learning or teaching, but a sign of my personal accomplishment). And I learned lots of “little things” that make me feel that much smarter. Did you know that the Address Bar that you can search from in the Chrome browser is called the Omnibox? Or that those bars in the upper righthand corner of a Chrome page are called “the Hamburger”? (Where have I been?!) Check out this site: Maine West’s ChromeDepot. Containing tons of information for any user, this site is a great model for other schools.

On Friday, a student using a Chromebook asked how to copy an image into his infographic (we are using Piktochart). I was in a hurry, as usual, since a number of other groups needed help. There is more than one way to copy an image on the Chromebook. Pieces of incomplete information flashed through my brain, students nearby offered suggestions. I took a deep breath and tried two fingers. Success! Maybe I have learned a few things...

So how do you move a ChatterPix video from the iPad to a glog? Here’s what we did:
  • from the camera roll, students mailed their videos to me (why not to themselves? we tried that, but then realized that students can’t receive mail from outside the CPS domain, and the generic accounts on the iPads are gmail…);
  • from my CPS mail, students forwarded their video to their own email (I set up a station with my email open during class; a bit of a risk, but turned out ok);
  • from their mail, they downloaded the video on the Chromebook;
  • in Glogster, they uploaded the video from the downloads folder (we had to refresh to get it to be use-able).
Ta-da! The kids were so excited about this “little thing”! See for yourself:

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