Monday, March 30, 2015

2nd graders and Chromebooks By Viviane Kraus, Franklin Fine Arts Academy

The second grade teacher and I decided to collaborate on an adjective lesson.  The teacher wanted to have students create a portrait surrounded  with adjectives describing themselves.   

The students learned about adjectives in the classroom and brainstormed adjectives that described themselves and wrote their adjectives on paper. When students came to the weekly library period, the students brought their adjective lists.
Second graders were already taught  how to access their Google Drives and how to check email in technology class.  This, however,  was their first time using Google Docs.  
I made sure that I had a copy of usernames and passwords just in case some students forgot theirs.  
First, I gave the students a quick tutorial about how to open a Chromebook and access the internet using the Browse as Guest tab and then searching for the Google CPS website in the search bar.  
FullSizeRender.jpgOnce the students were all logged on, I modeled how to create a Google Doc and how to change text font, text size and text color.  I also asked the students to help each other at their tables since we are learning something brand new.  

I then went through each step one at a time again and walked around to support students when they got stuck.  This seemed to help.  Once the students were on their Google Doc they started typing and manipulating the text by changing the font, text size and color.  By this time, the 40 minute period was almost over.  I explained how Google Drive saves their documents automatically and taught them how to name their new Google Doc.  

For the next library lesson, students had to be reminded to access their document, but seemed to be able to get started pretty quickly.  I made sure to be available to troubleshoot, but most of the students were able to finish during that library class period.  I was impressed with the enthusiasm and work ethic of the second grade students.

“We learned how to change the font.” Sophie S.
“I love using the Chromebooks, it makes me feel smart.”  Mekhi K.

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