Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Franklin Fine Arts Center iPads and SOAR!!!! Viviane Kraus, Franklin Fine Arts Center

The goal for incorporating iPads into the Library is to invigorate the library.  My first action was to make SOAR easily accessible to students.  We added a link to the SOAR webpage on each iPad.  When I introduced the iPads with the SOAR link to the 2nd-5th grade students, the students’ desire to use the catalog increased dramatically.  The students wanted to search for books, this simple task increased SOAR use and motivation students to check out books.  During the next lesson I showed how easy it was to find and read ebooks using the iPads.  There is no log in delay and students can quickly find what books or topics that they are looking for.  
The 6th-8th grade were conducting  research for history fair and I showed them the SOAR icon and how quickly they could access the databases.   The students were excited about using the iPads to conduct research.  Students  had a database article open and then would tab back and forth and paraphrase into a Google doc.  One student commented about how easy it was to not plagiarize, not being able to see the article forced her to paraphrase in her own head first and then type the summarized information into a Google document.  The ease and speed of using the databases has definitely increased the use of the CPS Databases.  
My big project to revitalize  the library is to create QR codes to put on the library books.  This QR code will link to book talks given by students.  This project will be completed using iMovie and the camera on the iPads. The goal is to have multiple peer book talks available to recommend library books.  Wish me luck.  :)

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